Getting ready to release Batch 5

Posted on May 30, 2013 by Patrick Smyczek

Tomorrow morning I'll be releasing Batch 5 (The Warbird) online!  So that means tonight I'll be participating in a 5 month old tradition of loading the shirts into their freshly printed canisters whist drinking a refreshing adult beverage.  It's been another exciting month in the studio with the creation of this epic shirt.  

A couple highlights about Batch 5 (Warning:  this might get nerdy)....

1.  This is arguably the most detailed design that I've printed so far.  The registration was kind of a pain but it was way worth it to see the colors come together.  

2.  I used a fairly transparent color on the whitish yellow layer of the shirt.  It created an orange over the red and a light blue over darker blue.  This made the color scheme turn out a bit more complex than previous shirts.  I only have a four color shirt press at the moment so having colors overlap to make new ones gives me a bit more freedom.    

3.  The packaging turned out super great too.  There are little white stars that I printed all around the text and the eagle heads but you need a microscope to see them.  



I hope you enjoy the design of the shirt and the packaging.  

Next month I'll be turning things up to get ready for the Forth of July or as I like to call it "Happy Birthday USA".  I'll keep updating this blog on the progress of the next shirt so keep checking in.  



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