Weekend in St. Louis

Posted on August 12, 2013 by Patrick Smyczek

It feels like ages since I've crossed the state line of Wisconsin for an adventure.  This past weekend I broke my traveling dry spell and found some excitement and relaxation in the old stomping grounds of the 1904 Worlds Fair.  The reason for the trip was to rep Beast USA at the second annual Printbangerz Ball hosted by the world class artist and printmaking bad boy Tom Huck (founder of Evil Prints).  

I arrived in St. Louis on Thursday just in time for happy hour with St. Louis homies, Amanda and Tanger.  After some hugs and some beers we hit the town.  The first order of business was checking in at the Evil Prints studio in the downtown.  As I checked out the new Evil Prints digs I drank a ceremonial PBR tallboy.  I finished it in the car on the way to dinner because it's totally legal (which I still can't believe).  

After some amazing tacos, hot queso dip and a 3 pig burrito it was time to make some Beast USA buttons!

Cheers!  There is nothing quite like making buttons and drinking New Glarus Spotted Cow on a Thursday night.

Friday was a day of sight seeing, artist lectures and free bowling.

I don't usually go out of my way to see zoo animals but St. Louis has arguably the best zoo in the country.  I was told this before we entered and boy did it live up to the hype.

Sea lions and penguins.... Yes!!!  The lions, jaguars and the rest of the big cats were all sleeping unfortunately.  There faces will look sweet on a shirt someday.. cough, cough, batch 8, cough. 

So Saturday was the big event.  It was the Printbangerz Art Market at the Atomic Cowboy bar.  We were told to arrive at 11 to start setting up our displays for the noon opening.  I arrived just before and made myself helpful by setting up tables for the 40 or so artists that would be arriving before noon.  One of the organizers hooked me up with a table in a shady spot for helping her with the set up.  It was in the 80s without any cloud cover so the shade was priceless.  

After I set up my table I walked around so see all the other vendors.  There was so much amazing art everywhere and everyone was so nice to talk to.  Unfortunately for everyone there were probably less than 50 people who came to check it out during the day.  I still had fun and managed to sell enough shirts to pay for the trip.  

When six hit, it was time for all of us small timers to make way for the big wigs who had tables during the night time festivities.  There were a bunch of bands booked for the evening and the PBR was flowing like it does.  The event got pretty sweet in the night time.  Great music, a bon fire, tattooing and tons of awesome artists.  I stayed until about 11 before I ran out of gas.  Before i left I bought two sweet posters gig posters by two of my favorite bands.  


I didn't originally have high expectations for the Printbangerz Ball but it turned out to be an amazing time.  Meeting so many amazing people was for me the best part of the whole weekend.  Thanks to Amanda and Tanger for putting me up in your amazing house.  Until next time.



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