Batch 5 (The Warbird)


The P-51 Mustang was a force to be reckoned with during WWII.  This prolific war machine carved up the skies over Europe like a bald eagle during a salmon run.  We recommend you wear this piece of American pride while lighting fireworks, mowing your lawn or grilling fist-sized pieces of meat.  

Signed/Numbered Shirt

-Designed by Patrick Smyczek


-Limited edition of 150 shirts


-Signed and numbered on the inside of shirt


-100% ring-spun cotton (American Apparel:  Aqua)


-Hand-printed tag


-100% Made in the USA


Custom Canister


-3-color screen print


-Signed and numbered on bottom of paper


-Shrink wrapped for protection


For men's shirt dimensions click HERE


For women's shirt dimensions click HERE


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